Monday, December 17, 2007

Acts of Kindness - The Beaming Faces of The Tiny Tots

As part of the BloggersUnite - Acts of Kindness - a member of our team at shares her act of kindness that left her feeling happy and blessed.

Every year before Diwali, an important Indian festival, we used to get our house whitewashed and painted. It was a busy time for us and everyone put in an effort so things could be managed with the least amount of chaos.

Being a methodical and logical person, I used to get ready for this very cumbersome but equally task of going through the various almirahs, cupboards, desks, drawers and cabinets for anything not needed anymore. Every year, I found quite a lot of clothes, shoes, bags, toys etc which were in good shape but unnecessary for us at that point of time. I used to collect all this in a bag and keep it aside.

On the decided date, the white washers arrived in the morning. The man with his already spoilt clothes, a faded cap on his head and tattered shoes on his feet. His wife, better dressed in a bright sari, complete with make-up, ear rings and a pair of old looking anklets. Then there were the children, about 2-3 of different sizes - a toddler, a 3 year old girl and a slightly older boy.

While the parents began their work, I was kept busy too. I got my bag of goodies and handed over the items to the kids first. I was thankful to find fitting clothes, shoes, socks and caps for the tiny ones. Every time my hand came out of my bag, there was a shout of joy from the children. I knew I had seen God on their beaming and triumphant faces as they ran with their stuff and showed it to their mom first and then their dad.

Watching the children return to their home after the work was complete, I thanked God for making me witness such lovely smiles and laughter on the tiny tots' faces.


CyberCelt said...

You are blessed to see the outcome of your gifts. Many times, we give items to charities, but never see what use they were put to.

God bless.

Lisa McGlaun said...

"I knew I'd seen God..." What a wonderful outlook on life and so very true. No where else on Earth is God's love clearer than in the faces of children.


Content Writer said...

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