Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Is It Enough To Have A Website?

Is It Enough To Have A Website?

With the internet boom, every forward looking Company invested in having a website as this would lay the foundation for an effective online presence. Though it is a known and accepted fact that having a website is a necessity, what is often neglected is the upkeep and maintenance of this valuable online property!

Just as a garden requires regular and uninterrupted maintenance, so does a website. Firms that own a website but do not update it for several months often fail to capitalize on the true potential of the website. Trends change regularly; new websites enter the online arena everyday. In such a scenario, it is important for every online entity to make necessary changes to their website. Small simple changes can lead to marked improvements in a website's rankings on important search engines such as Google etc.

Areas on a website that require regular attention include -

• Home Page
• Important Landing Pages including Products & Services
• Contact Pages with most recent contact information
• Call for Action pages
• Sitemap, etc

Hence, it is definitely not enough to simply have a website. What is important is to have an updated, well designed and well laid out website that is easy to navigate and follow.

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