Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cover Letter Basics

The Cover Letter is a prelude to the resume and is an integral part of the job seeking process.

Oftentimes, people get confused about the purpose and need for a Cover Letter and hence, choose not to use one. However, in reality, the Cover Letter is an essential tool that is used for expanding or elaborating on the key points of the resume.

Here are some tips for creating a good Cover Letter -

1) Keep it short, concise and specific.

2) Use the beginning of your cover letter for creating an interest in what you are going to say. Unless the beginning is interesting and attention grabbing, holding on the interest further becomes difficult.

3) State clearly in the Cover Letter how your qualifications match and suit the requirements of the prospective job.

4) Towards the end, ask for a positive action such as being called for the job interview.

5) Refrain from repeating what is already mentioned in your resume.

6) Check and recheck your Cover Letter draft for errors before finalizing it.

Remember: Each job has specific requirements. Hence, always remember to go over your basic Cover Letter layout and make required changed before applying for the job.

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