Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Television Affects You

How Television Affects You

Have you ever watched yourself watching television? What happens? There are two things one can do – directly perceive the images and the sounds first and thereby approach the television from oneself; and watch the content and thereby approach yourself from the television.

Most of us approach the television from the latter angle and thus get completely lost in it – we let the television invade our minds, without first perceiving the kinds of images that are being shown. If one approaches the form before the content, one will simply find most of the images and sounds shown on the television to be repulsive and offensive to the senses.

It is because we do not directly see, because we do not understand this first impression, that we get lost in the content and then the good and bad in the TV depends on our conclusions, ideas and likes or dislikes.

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How Television Affects You

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