Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are You A Responsible Shopper?

Are You A Responsible Shopper?

Whether we like it or not, shopping takes up a lot of our time on a day to day basis - shopping for groceries, clothes, household items, fruits and vegetables and much more. However, how many of us can truly call ourselves responsible shoppers?

One of the biggest challenges that environmentalists and NGO's are facing today is the menace of plastic bags and how to rid the society of these non biodegradable plastics that retailers give away and shoppers readily accept. Such non recyclable packets, carry bags and plastic bags are totally against everything that is natural, pure and environmentally safe.

Don't wait for others to heal the world. Here are some simple steps you can take to contribute in making this world a better place to live in -
  • Stop using plastic bags from today.
  • Discourage others from using plastic bags. Inspire them to say no to plastics.
  • Educate shop keepers / retailers about the dangers of plastic and inspire them to switch to paper bags that can be recycled and are environmentally safe.
  • Switch to cotton, paper and jute bags. A lot of trendy cloth bags are available in the market which you can color coordinate with your outfit and go shopping!
  • Carry your own jute bag when you go out to buy fruits, vegetables and grocery.
  • Politely refuse plastic bags and simply store your latest purchase in your own cotton bag.
A lot of NGO's manufacture and sell jute bags, hand made gift bags and cotton bags during Fetes, Exhibitions and Melas in various cities. These products are made by the needy and the proceeds from such sales are used to support these talented individuals. Become responsible consumers.

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