Monday, June 23, 2008

A Note On Meditation - It's Significance

A Note On Meditation - It's Significance

I’m sure most of us are more or less familiar with this word – “meditation”. The word has become very popular - both in the east and the west in the last 100 years or so. Especially during the 60’s, among Hippies and Pop stars and Hollywood celebrities, when drugs became popular, meditation also took to popularity. Some used drugs, some used meditation and some used both. India became a large exporter of meditation gurus and these gurus established their meditation centres around the world.

There are different schools, methods and systems of meditation. These ask you to sit in a certain posture, breathe in a particular way, visualize some scene, concentrate on an image, etc. Then there are methods which give you a certain word or a phrase to repeat and promise some sort of transcendental experience. (Transcendental - that silly word, perhaps an invention of some romantic Orientalists, who have imagined India to be some sort of mystical, mysterious, and spiritual country) And so, there is laughing meditation, dancing meditation, sleeping meditation, and also, as I recently came to know, hopping meditation.

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