Friday, June 27, 2008

Short Heart Warming Story - Destiny's Child

Short Heart Warming Story - Destiny's Child

The incessant crying brought Smitha out to the balcony. The Iron wallah’s baby was bawling away. A thin cloth separated its tender skin from the pinpricks of the gravelly road. The rusted ‘box on wheels’ that he used to iron clothes, gave little shade to the poor child.

This scene was not new to Smitha. She knew the baby’s mother well. She worked as a maid in a couple of houses and had to leave the child with her husband for hours together, and this was the plight of the baby on most days.

“Give her some thing to drink” Smitha yelled over the din of the traffic.
Majeeth the Iron wallah looked at her balefully, “I just gave her some milk to drink an hour back”, he retorted curtly.

“She must be hungry again”, said Smitha

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