Monday, August 25, 2008

Convergence Between New Media - Advertising Article on

Convergence Between New Media - Advertising Article on

Convergence between new media (mobile and Internet) and old media (TV, Print and Radio) will give rise to new business models for customer acquisition, retention and monetization. The Online Advertising Industry concerns buying and selling advertising space that is accessed by viewers through the Internet.

The portion of advertising that is done through new media (it is any media like Special audiovisual effects of any kind, larger than 17 inch displays, streaming and streaming audio,3-D and virtual reality environments and effects, highly interactive user interfaces (possibly including mere hypertext or not), Mobile presentation and computing capabilities, any kind of communication requiring high-bandwidth CD and DVD media, Telephone and digital data integration, Online communities, Micro devices with programming, Live Internet broadcasting as on the MBone, Person-to-person visual communication (as in CU-SeeMe),one-to-many visual communication) is expected to increase significantly over time as web-based content and services expand and people are able to access the web through more devices such as mobile telephones and televisions.

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