Thursday, August 14, 2008

Indian Independence : 61 Years - Happy Independence Day

Indian Independence : 61 Years - Happy Independence Day!

I - Interaction
N - Nature
D - Development
E - Education
P- Peace
E - Environment
N - Neighbour
D - Diligence
E - Enhancement
N - Newness
C - Culture
E - Empowerment

Let this day be a reminder of our ancestors sacrifices
And also act as a rejoinder of new progressive sunrises,

Every individual should be treated equally
Everyone should live their life fully,

Let go of the frown and embrace a smile
It will take you forward a hundred mile,

Compassion and respect should be the rule of the day
Governance of the Nation should be everyone's say,

Let our Bharat be really Mahaan
Not only in Khas but also in Aam,

Your roots and heritage should be a matter of pride
Come join hands to decorate India like a new bride.

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Vineet said...

Happy Independence Day to all.
कया आप यह poll
ले सकते हैं? इमानदारी से!