Friday, August 08, 2008

New Short Story - My Little God

Short Story - My Little God - Real Lessons Learnt From Children

One day evening on my way back home, I saw a poor boy pleading every one of us to buy his flutes. No body was ready to buy them. He cried and pleaded every one. We all offered him some money. But he refused to take. He said if you want to do something for me just buy these flutes.

I felt very bad because I could not do anything for that poor boy who kept saying I do not want alms I am not a beggar, I just want to sell these flutes so that I can get some money for my family.

When I reached home I narrated that incident to my husband and I said god would help that poor boy. Much to my surprise, my son, who heard everything, came and asked me where is God? Who is God?

Read the full story here: Short Story - My Little God

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