Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Non Verbal Understanding - Forms of Communication

Non Verbal Understanding - Forms of Communication

Words play a big role in our lives and they have become extraordinarily important for us. Our mind is a network of words. All thinking is in words, which also includes the image, the symbol. We delight in the sensations they produce. It is these sensations that have become so important for us. Words are satisfying because their sounds reawaken forgotten sensations. The word is the essence of the past, of what has been - of what has previously been identified and given a name.

Words are usually condemnatory or appreciative in their meaning. Suppose, if I want to look at this thing that has been given the name "greed", then, right away, by naming it as greed, I have condemned it, isn't it? And if there is no word, then is there greed? Or is there something else, the feeling, which so far I had been identifying as greed, based on my past experience and identification? Is there greed when there is not the word "greed" with all its associations and past remembrances?

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