Saturday, September 27, 2008

Indian City In Focus - Bangalore Bangaluru

Indian City In Focus - Bangalore Bengaluru

Life & Times In Bangalore - The landscape - The first thing that strikes you as you see the city of Bangalore is its green surroundings. It is no less than a miracle that the city has retained its green cover even after busting at seems due to huge influx of people from across the country in search jobs.

Bangalore is called ‘The city of gardens’ and for all the right reasons. Most of the neighborhoods have a park that is clean, well maintained and landscaped. Due to the Bangalore weather and plenty of rain that it receives, the public parks have a healthy green cover and are spotted with beautiful flowers. Also there are rules pertaining to opening and closing times, littering and plucking flowers that are followed by most. No vendors are allowed inside the park, neither can people take eatables inside.

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