Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Short Story On

New Short Story On - The Dancing Tumbler

Priya and Preethi were waiting for Sitapur station to arrive. They had been longing to meet their cousins. They were aware that their uncle would be waiting for them at the station. They asked Amma “How long will it take? You have been saying that it will take 15mins for station to arrive from past 1hr.” Amma was having a tough time answering the over-enthusiastic children. How should she explain them that the train had halted in the outer? She had already packed back all their games as the station was approaching. If her husband would have accompanied him, they could have taken turns in answering their questions but there was a lot of work pressure in office so his leave wasn’t approved.

The train finally moved slowly. Preethi asked “Amma, will Girish and Gayatri also come to the station?” Amma had no clues about it. Finally as the station approached, Amma asked Priya to look out of the window and wave to her uncle if she finds him.

Read the full story here: Dancing Tumbler

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