Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Simple Tips To Personalise Your Office Space / Desk

Simple Tips To Personalize Your Office Space / Desk

Your productivity at work can be enhanced manifolds by putting in a little bit of effort to personalize the work space. Whether you work out of your own SOHO or a commercial office, it is good practice to pay attention to your surroundings.

Remove Clutter - Do not keep anything on our work desk that does not work properly or is not needed.

Organise - Make a space for all that you need on a typical work day such as office stationery, files, writing pads etc.

Motivators - Positive, motivating thoughts can help you to work effectively. Hence, introduce such positive motivators into your working space such as posters, thoughtful quotes etc.

Personal Touch - Your work desk is your space - a place where you spend several hours. Spend some time in personalising your desk by placing a few mementos that can uplift your mood - a family picture, a medal or trophy that you won, etc.

Beautify - Make your work space beautiful by bringing in some vibrant and colorful items such as bright pen holders, photo frames, fresh flowers and green potted plants.

Surround your self with positive energies and good thoughts at thee work place and see how your productivity rises.

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