Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tips To Help You Survive a Breakup

Tips To Help You Survive a Breakup

When you have been dumped, the only thing you want to focus on is surviving it. However, for others, this can be more difficult than moving on from it. If you would like to win your ex back, all you need is 4 simple tips to help you do just that.

Friends and Family : I know this may seem obvious but lean on your friends and family. Spend time doing things together, not just talking and thinking about the break up. If this isn’t enough, you may consider a support group or counseling.

Make a change in your life : Find a new way to spend your time. Take a class, join a gym, adopt a pet, or volunteer. Do anything that will make you feel good about yourself. Your ego is probably feeling bruised right now. Find a way to counteract that.

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