Saturday, October 11, 2008

Article About Arranged Marriages In India - Job Vs. Marriage

Article About Arranged Marriages In India - Job Vs. Marriage -

It always happens that even the ordinary words by some one make an everlasting impact in our minds. It happened in my college, when one of my professors while teaching the process of selection, described selection of a candidate for a suitable job as getting married. He said, “Everything goes well if the right selection is made and it hits rock bottom when the choice is wrong.”

Little did I agree with him, for I always felt the analogy drawn was completely baseless each other. Days passed, I completed my Masters Degree and remembered the Professor for his unusual lectures.

But after few years I discovered that his words hold well with a twist in tale. The process of getting the right marriage partner in India was more structured and streamlined than getting the right candidate for the job especially when it is an arranged marriage.

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