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Poverty is the mother of all misdeeds, It prevents people from doing good deeds
Empty stomachs lead to empty minds, Brain needs food of the best kind
Work hard and earn money, Try to save every penny
You never know when Poverty will strike, Money saved will keep you bright

Personal Story By Writer, Team When I think about poverty, it instantly reminds me of days gone by when I was in school. We had moved into our own house in a posh locality and were just settling in.

One afternoon, a young, well mannered woman arrived on our doorstep wearing a crisp, new looking sari. She asked for my mother and on meeting her, inquired if she could get some work in our household. My mother was amazed and wanted to know why that was since the woman looked well-to-do. We then came to know of her sad plight. She belonged to a good family who stayed in their village. She had come to town leaving both her parents as well as in-laws behind. Things were going well for her and her 3 boys. About a month back, her husband left home deserting his family. She looked for him but days passed without any news. Last week she received a letter from him stating that he had left her for another woman and gone to a big town to start his new life with her. She told my mother that she needed a job and had no real qualifications and very little money. She could do housework, cook and clean.

My mother decided to hire her immediately for a reasonable monthly amount. The woman thanked us profusely and went away happily promising to come the next morning.

She was with us for a very long time, helping my mom in cooking, cleaning and all other household chores. She had a lovely voice and in the evenings sang bhajans for my mother who loved listening to her melodious voice. All of us gave her anything we had extra and mom gave her gifts for her 3 sons during every festival. Since my mother gave her cereal, vegetables etc everyday, she could send her kids to school. When they grew up they found odd jobs and supported their mother.

I still remember the woman’s smiling face and how she never gave up on life and hope. I admire her will to make a better life for herself. If all of us make an effort to help someone in need, the world can be a better place.

Let’s all come together to fight poverty, our greatest enemy because nothing can be achieved on an empty stomach. Be aware, kind and thoughtful. Remember, time changes everything - the rich today might become the needy of tomorrow and vice versa. You will always find deeper pleasure in material enjoyment when shared with others.

During winters when you feel cosy under your layers of blankets, think once of the poor dwelling on the streets who have to shiver throughout the night.

- Search your cupboards for that one extra old faded blanket, cardigan, coat or shawl which you don't use any more. Give it to the homeless and the down trodden.

- Teach your children to go through their cabinets and hand over all those clothes that they don't want to wear anymore.

- Collect all clothing, blankets, rugs and woolens etc and distribute them among the needy you see on the roads.

- You can even consider giving out cheques to institutions that are committed to the cause of the poor.

- Visit orphanages and hand over cash and kind personally, as this will give you greater satisfaction by watching the childrens' smiling faces and listening to their thank-yous.

In this way, when each one of us starts thinking of the other, we will jointly be able to fight the evil called poverty.

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