Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Significance Of Elder's Day

Significance Of Elder's Day

Let's all come together to celebrate Elder's Day today. This should be a very important day to one and all, young as well as old, because the young today will be the elders of tomorrow.

Just like charity begins at home, respect for elders should also begin at home. Parents should teach their children to give respect to and show love, care and gentleness to their grand parents, grand uncles, aunts etc.

The tolerance, gratitude and compassion we show to our elders will be needed by us one day and if we do not give good values to our kids, we will not receive the respect and care we long for and deserve, for surely all of us will get aged and fragile both in body and mind.

What we learn and practice at home becomes a habit which further helps us to be kind and generous to every elderly person we meet.

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