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Confession of a Despairing Father

Not long ago, a despairing father made a confession to me. His face was a landscape of opposing shades of despair and anger.

With every inch of his face tense and animated, he said to me: “I must confess that never before had I said those words or their like. And the day I said them, my ears just couldn’t believe themselves! For they heard me saying to my 13 year old daughter, the words, ‘Beta, I had always dreamt that you would grow up to be a great Indian woman. I had always tried to sow in you a sense of national pride and dreams of doing something great for our nation. I always imagined you to be like a sharp edged sword cutting off corruption and other social evils in our great country. But today, with much pain in my heart, I say to you that you should get out of this country as soon as you can. For there is nothing left here!’”

He read the surprise on my face and continued, “You would be wondering in what context I said those ugly words? Well, the context was, and still is that of fear, insecurity, madness, chaos, corruption, helplessness, utter disregard for human dignity and hypocrisy. And just think about it that in spite of all this rottenness, we have our hypocritical slogans and talks about our greatness! It makes me despair and it makes to angry.”

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