Thursday, November 20, 2008

Motivated Employees Are a Valuable Asset

Motivated Employees Are a Valuable Asset

It has been seen that a Company whose workforce is energized, motivated and enthusiastic about the work they do is more likely to grow faster and perform better as compared to another Company that has a demotivated and unhappy staff.

Employers must understand that in order to inspire their staff to give their 100% on the job, they must learn to treat them well and make them feel like they truly matter.

- Make your employee feel that they are an important part of the Company.
- Reward your staff when they meet or exceed their targets.
- Communicate well with your employees.
- Encourage your team members to come to you with their questions, doubts and worries.
- Try to do away with factors that slow down your employees such as office politics.
- Respect your employees and treat them well.
- From time to time, organise fun activities in the office such as quizzes, interactive games, and team lunches etc.

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