Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flab to Fab: From Fat to Fit - New Health Article

Flab to Fab: From Fat to Fit - New Health Article

Remember dadimaa’s remedy of eating Ghee for any illness? Or eating loads of groundnuts and sweets during winters? A decade ago ‘Mango parties’ used to be a craze in the summer vacations. Now with more of younger people falling ill and getting diseases due to their unhealthy lifestyle, they have become health and fitness conscious.

Quoting Shakespeare“If health is lost, something is lost”, remaining fit is more than fashion. Be it walking, jogging, going to the gym, aerobics, toning, power yoga or dancing: everyone is vigorously and enthusiastically trying to be fit and healthy.

It is no more paranthas or cream: they are replaced by toned milk with cornflakes and brown bread toast. ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a beggar’ is the new principle followed by the health conscious junta. People have realized the importance of being fit and healthy.

However, it should not be overdone. It this world of supplements, one must not forget the importance and essence of food gifted by nature. Because it is still felt that – ‘It’s worth having a spoonful ghee everyday even though it means running an extra mile.’

However, fitness is not just physical. One needs to be positive and optimistic about life. You have to love life to live life. Therefore, the fitness circle is increased to include a healthy emotional and spiritual quotient as well. These things may sound a little obscure for a newcomer, but once you ingrain it in your life you will definitely feel a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness.

So do not worry, make merry and be happy!

Contributed By: Ivneet Kaur

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