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Museums at Present - Current Scenario

Museums at Present - Current Scenario

In modern times Museums have become an institution for learning, research, fun and entertainment. Many say it is a store house of lifeless objects. But no…Not at all….

Every object in the museum speaks about its age, style, culture, tradition, utility and evolution. It describes our past, present and future. It assists to create the history of mankind. A close and careful study of each would surely reveal these facts. Here the objects speak on their own. Sometimes they speak through mediums like Photographs, labels, sketches, and multi-media projectors and so on.

In both the cases, visitors get involved by observing, analyzing and making comparison between one object and another in a museum. This is a commonly found picture in any museum around the world whether it is based on history, archaeology, ethnology, anthropology, art, geology and other sciences. They find fun in such activities.

Now suppose the Zoological Garden as museum with animals inside the cages as exhibits and having small but significant labels on the cages. Similarly in Botanical Garden trees are the exhibits. In Planetarium the narrative shows, describing the solar system is also an exhibition.

Moreover, the structure, architectural style and the associated stories of the Historical Monuments and Heritage Buildings speak about the tangible and intangible heritage of countries. Actually, the name of an institution does not matter. It is one’s own perspective and power of judgment that help to find a real museum. Now the time has come to furnish one’s idea about museums.

Contributed by: Rituparna Chatterjee, Kolkata West Bengal


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