Saturday, December 13, 2008

Neglected Lot Of Mumbai City - New Musing on

Neglected Lot Of Mumbai City

Again on Mumbai. Even in the Golden times and now in the worst of times, Mumbai still remains an attraction, enigma and fascination. The other day I rang up a friend in the nearby city and talked about the recent brutal carnage in our dear old city.

“Even after a span of ten years the city still remains an attraction to me. I feel like the city still beckons me. In our times, city was somewhat calm and incident free and now unfortunately it is in turmoil. Law and Order in disarray, violent clashes and murders common in the Metropolis, terrorists roaming and roaring across the city like blood hounds massacring as many innocents as possible, deafening bomb-explosions and mind-boggling and chilling sights of mangled dead bodies and amidst all these the ruling politicians remain passive and also in deep slumber caring two hoots for the hardships of the Mumbaikars.

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