Monday, January 12, 2009

The Child’s World of Wonder and Ours - New Article About Children

The Child’s World of Wonder and Ours!

The world of children, compared to the world of adults, is like an inverted pyramid. It has a way, a style, and a perspective, which is very different, at times even opposed to the perspective of us ‘grown-ups’. Children look at things and events very differently and many times we grownups do not understand this perspective.

I realized this as I interacted with my own two little daughters and with other children. I began to see more and more that children have to offer to us adults a lot; that they are worthy teachers who see, sense and appreciate many things that we adults usually fail to see.

One of the very first and probably the most striking quality of children that I noticed was that these amazing human entities possess an unmatched sense of wonder in all things of life. A child is a wonder struck being who sees, senses and appreciates mystery and becomes wonder struck in things big and small. This appreciation and fascination extends to the realm of the very insignificant, even to the seemingly useless, like bottle caps and pieces of toys rather than complete (and expensive!) toys.

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