Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Lazy Way To Fitness

The Lazy Way To Fitness

Here’s how to make losing fat easy and convenient – and why you’re probably making it hard on yourself without even knowing it. Chances are in your fridge you’ve got a few bottles of coke, maybe some ice cream or frozen pizza in the freezer, and some chips in the cupboard.

You know they’re bad for you, but you eat all these things anyway. Why?

Because they’re in your house! And it would actually be more painful to throw these items out – because then you would be wasting food.

Let’s face it: If you’ve got an entire box of cookies or a whole tub of ice cream…you’re going to eat the whole thing. Sooner or later. It’s a lot harder to get rid of it unfinished.

But you have to do it anyway. Because when you “clean house” of all junk food, that makes it MUCH harder to eat poorly (after all, you would have to get out of your house and drive somewhere to do it).

Then, before you go out shopping again, make sure to eat something first. Then you’ll be satisfied and much less likely to fill your cart with “impulse” foods you know are bad for you.

Do this and you’ll make healthy eating and weight-loss more convenient than eating junk food.

Contributed By: Nate Rifkin is a health and fitness author and on his website he's giving away a free book on the most result-producing 5-minute workout.

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