Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Short Story - Love For Horses - Sakima

New Short Story - Love For Horses - Sakima
For all those who have ever dreamed of having a horse as a friend.

Chapter 1 : Amy had been a very good girl, so her grandmother Joanna kept on telling her and because of that she was going to get a great surprise, although she was getting no clues and she wasn’t told when she was going to get it either.

So she went about her chores of looking after the chickens in the yard and looking over her shoulder every other second to see whether the surprise had already arrived or not. She had been orphaned two years ago at the age of 8 and had gone to live with her grandparents in the horse country state of Wyoming which she loved much better than the city where she had lived before.

Her grandfather Charlie, had already made sure that he taught her how to ride and she had turned out to be a natural, and when she wasn’t helping her grandmother around the farmhouse she would love to go for a ride with Charlie on the two mustangs that they had. One was called ‘Pepin’, a golden Palomino and the other was called ‘Gata’, a dappled grey. Her grandfather lived for horses, just like Amy, and had been taught how to ride by an American Indian when he was about the same age as Amy. The Indian had been very strict with him and for the first few months Charlie wasn’t even allowed to get up on a horse. The Indian wanted him to learn how to be around horses. How to care for them. How to understand them and know what they were thinking and feeling.

‘When you can feel that you are at one with the animal is when you will be able to move with his every movement and then riding will be no problem’. Said the Indian to Charlie. And that was how it was and this was also the way that Charlie had taught Amy. They both believed that it was far better to understand a horse and become friends with him slowly than break him and his spirit in. The horse then does what you want as he wants to please you rather than doing it out of submission or fear. Later on in the day her grandfather called her.

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