Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Truth - New Inspirational Story,

The Truth - New Inspirational Story,

“Who the hell threw this garbage in my fencing?” “How dare you throw it?”
“Why are you seeing me and shouting? Ask the person who threw it.”
“I know it should be only you and nobody else”
“You have dared to do such a thing, soiling my house” and she threw some garbage inside the other fencing.

Mrs. Nirmala and Mrs. Durga were the ones who were fighting. This was a routine thing for their neighbors. Every day they fought for something or the other. Nobody knew the reason why they were fighting. Few days back it was an interesting scene for the neighbors to listen to them fighting. But as days passed by it became a routine and no one watched them fight.

It all started off with the Mango tree. Both the ladies lived in a government quarters. There was a huge Mango tree which had grown in the middle of the fencing line of both the house. It all started off when Mrs. Durga saw a mango on the tree and tried to pluck it. Mrs. Nirmala claimed that the tree is theirs as they have lived for many years in that quarter and that they have been enjoying the fruits for years now. Only if she wills, she would give some fruits to her neighbors, so started the fight from that day. They would abuse each other and sometimes do things like throwing garbage in each other’s premises.

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