Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creamy Dreams - Short Story On

Creamy Dreams - Short Story On

There was a magical excitement at ‘Creamy Dreams’, the Johnsons’ home. This was the day of the special visitors. Uncle Mathew, Aunt Mary and their 3 children were coming to visit the Johnson House. Mary and Claudia Johnson were sisters. They were to meet each other after 3 years. “Linsey, come and help me to clean my room”, yelled Felicia, the elder of the 2 Johnson kids. She was 14 years old and was studying in class 9. “Do not shout like that Missy baba. It does not become young girls”, replied Linsey, the trusted maid of the Johnsons. She had come to help Claudia ever since she got married, 16 years ago. She was a big fat woman with a perpetual smile on her face. She didn’t think of herself as a maid anymore cause she belonged to Creamy Dreams.

The younger daughter Fanny was 11 years old. She was in class 6 and was very mischievous. Whenever dad or mom wanted her, she would hide in the strangest places and it would take quite a while to find her.

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