Saturday, February 14, 2009

Creative Poem on - Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

Tall and dark was he, and so was his youth,
Hardly eighteen, but that was the truth.
Power and fame was all he was striving,
And to top it all, he just learnt driving.
Loved those fast cars and breaking speed,
But had the control thus never did bleed.
Caught by the radar, caught by the cop,
He paid them ransom, but never did stop.
This reckless driving reached the height,
Until one fine day, he was overtaken at night.
Story so far was the usual theme,
Except that the cop took a different scheme.
The chap was cool, did not bat an eye-lid,
He was famous, powerful, one rich kid.
The cop took out his pad and started to jot,
What a ticket, he wrote more than lot!
The gentleman assumed it some kind of joke,
As the cop went writing and no one spoke.
"Is this a ticket? "; thought the man,
As the cop's note went on since it ever began!
The reckless driver began to read,
Found it wasn't a ticket but a friendly 'plead'.

Read the complete poem here: Reckless Driving

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