Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Try & Try Until You Succeed - Good Job Search Initiatives

Try & Try Until You Succeed - Good Job Search Initiatives

Ask any working professional about their worst nightmares and they will be quick to react - "I fear being laid off. The possibilities of being handed over a pink slip keeps me up all night". If you are facing a similar dilemma, read on!

Here are some simple tips that can assist you in finding a new job -
  • Tell yourself : this too shall pass - Practice the art of deep breathing and positive thinking. Try to be optimistic about the future instead of panicking.
  • Update Your Resume - Work on your resume and bring it up-to-date by filling in latest details such as work experience, skills etc.
  • Get Organised - Plan your next move. Start by analysing the current situation and knowing what you want to do next. It is okay to take up any good opportunities that are available even if the pay package is a little below your expectations. You can always switch over once you get a better option.
  • Visit Company Websites and Job Portals - More and more Companies are updating their websites and posting current openings on pages such as "Work with us", "We're Hiring", "Careers" etc. Shortlist all the Companies you would like to apply to and go through their websites. This will help you to know more about the various options available in your industry of interest and assist you in applying to jobs quickly.
  • Get Connected - Talk to your friends, acquaintances and associates from previous jobs. Let them know that you are looking for suitable job offers. You never know -someone may inform you of a job opening that is perfect for you. You can even consider dropping an email to your contacts in LinkedIn and FaceBook etc.
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