Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Land Of Jugaad

A recent gruelling experience left me with enough energy to come up with this post. I am dead sure all those who will go through it will relate it to their lives. In the land of "jugaad" which is known as India the world over, one really needs to be conversant with the tricks that will get him/her through the maze of officialdom that one has to encounter while doing just about everything.

Each and every process involving the so called civil "servants" has been tailor made to accommodate the needs and greed of the officials involved. Be it filing your Income tax returns, application of pan card, ration card, gas connection; you just cannot get your things done without a "jugaad" (hindi for ingenuity or cleverness).

This is applicable not only to government officials but it also encompasses officials in schools , colleges etc - peons in schools and colleges act with the authority of the principal ...

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