Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quality Content Or Keyword-Rich Content?

Quality Content Or Keyword-Rich Content?

By now, it’s common knowledge that you need to base your writing on keywords if you want your page to have any sort of standing with the search engines. Your selected keywords must reflect the theme of your site and be liberally sprinkled among your title and paragraphs. When advertising for content writers, there are people who specify the exact number of keywords they want in each paragraph and in the title. While this focus on optimizing your content for search engines is good for boosting the popularity of your site, you have to question if it will help your site in the long run.

What happens when your content is keyword-rich, but not informative or useful to your reader? What happens when they find your site ranked high on Google or any other search engine and click the link only to find that your content is peppered only with the keywords and does not offer them any real benefit? The answer is very clear – they’re not going to come back again. And since your long-term success on the web depends on your ability to secure both new and repeat traffic, you’re not going to achieve what you set out to do when you first set up your site.

When we say “quality content”, we must mean content that has real quality, not one that is rich in keywords. So if your site deals with issues relevant to education, it’s not just enough to have the words college, school, education, teachers, board, lessons, courses and similar others in the articles on your pages; you also need to ensure that they find the right places in your content. And that is when your search engine optimization is maximized.

If you still insist on using only keywords to popularize your site rather than focusing on the information that really matters, you’re going to find yourself slipping down the index in search engine databases. There’s only one way for you to gain the top spots and hold on to them, and that’s by providing quality content. I know from experience that it’s both disappointing and frustrating when I land on a page ranked at the top by Google only to find it filled with useless information that’s full of the exact keywords I was searching for.

The art of writing good content that’s also keyword-rich does not come easy to most people; it’s a skill that needs to be honed through practice and application. So if you want your site to be rich in content that’s high in quality, if you want your content to be king, you need to find a skilled writer who’s capable of mixing quality and keywords in the right proportions.

Contributed by Courtney Phillips, who writes about graduate degrees. She welcomes your feedback at CourtneyPhillips80 at gmail.com

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