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The Art Of Madhubani Paintings - New Article On

The Art Of Madhubani Paintings - New Article On

India is one of the world's most diversified countries and is known for its rich cultural heritage. Each state of India contributes to this heritage in the form of handicrafts items, pottery, ethnic clothes, arts, jewelry etc which showcases cultural beliefs, talent and rituals of the people who live here.

One such state that has been contributing to the National and International Handicrafts market is the state of Bihar, well known world wide for its Madhubani Paintings, also called Maithili Paintings.

Origin of Madhubani Paintings
Madhubani Paintings originated in the homes of women living in villages near the small town of Madhubani, Bihar (Northern India). What has been a daily ritual for these women for centuries, turned into a commercial success only in the 1960's when these traditional paintings and art form became available for commercial sale.

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