Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inspirational Poem - Hunger & Hope

Hunger & Hope - Inspirational Poem on

There was once an old man,
who had nothing to eat

But he had hope in his heart,
that he would get a treat.

He sat begging under a tree,
sure of getting some food for free.

Hours of wishful thinking passed,
but nothing came to break his fast.

Dawn had turned to dusk,
now the old man lay in the dust.

Tears of sadness rolled down his cheek,
he had now become quite weak.

He had almost given up hope,
when along came Mr. Hugh Hope.

He carried a basketful of goodies,
which he wanted to share with some foodies.

Who better than the old man under the tree,
thought Mr. Hope with some glee.

His family had left him with lots of food ,
but there was no one to share it & lift his mood.

They were all busy with their own wives,
no one bothered with others lives.

So hunger and hope got together,
thanking God for each other.

This is what happens when hope reaches hunger,
The sun shines and their is leisure for slumber.

The team of creative writers at Unite For Hunger And Hope - 29th April, 2009

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