Monday, April 20, 2009

New Article - Dress For Success With Silk Ties | Silk Tie Care & Buying Tips

New Article on - Dress For Success With Silk Ties | Silk Tie Care & Buying Tips

Few clothing accessories denote style and luxury as silk ties can. Silk Ties add a special sheen to a mans suit offering both visual interest and personal expression. Other materials may be used in the manufacturing of ties but silk has a built in cache of expense and glamour. Silk ties benefit from the richer dyes used by silk producers and the expertise of high end designers. Fashion experts often coordinate tailored suits with appropriate silk ties for effect.

Business fashion experts say the choice of tie can reflect the wearers personality or preferred image. Silk ties offer very bold color schemes and pattern which imply power or security. These ties can also be coordinated with dress shirts to give the impression of organization and personal neatness. Silk can be printed or woven. Woven silk tends to be thicker and you will often see a fabric weave running through it.

So the next time you want to make an impression - either at an interview or a social get-together, consider wearing a silk tie. Here are some Silk Tie Care & Buying Tips

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