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Travelogues India At - Tour Of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Travelogues India At - Tour Of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

We decided to visit Kinnaur, (Himachal Pradesh), which is divided mainly in two parts, northern part is dry and arid with almost no rain and the southern part gets a little of monsoon rains. The southern part consists of Sutlej & Baspa valleys and this is where we went. We had long discussions and conducted some studies before going to these places as it is colder in these parts.

Our group consisted of 32 people with about 16 ladies and except a very few, all others were senior citizens. We had a young man as our guide who owns a tourist concern. He is a jolly good fellow and helped each and every one of us.

The people of Kinnaur are said to be the direct descendants of Gods. They love ornaments, music and dance and they are helpful to the visitors and are religious minded. Their culture is a combination of Hinduism & Buddhism.

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