Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Views On Hunger & Hope - How Each One Of Us Can Make A Difference

Views on Hunger & Hope - How Each One Of Us Can Make A Difference

Hunger, the basic need of mankind does not always visualise hope, but if there is hope, there is always a solution to every problem, be it the issue of poverty, discrimination or hunger. Without hope, life cannot move forward.

Let us today come together as one with hope in our hearts to find a solution to the gigantic problem of poverty and hunger. Man strives all his life to earn more, collect more and become materialistically powerful, but does he ever think that when hunger strikes, he cannot satisfy it with all the banknotes, gold or silver. He has to either buy food or prepare it himself or visit an acquaintance where he is hopeful of getting a good meal. When next you feel the pangs of hunger, think of the many who starve to death on the streets.

By not wasting food, we can take a big step forward towards reducing world hunger.

So do not ponder over this issue. Start from today!

  • Everyday, in each household there are left-overs after every meal. If even one person of each household does not let food go waste and collects it to give it to the poor and hungry, there will be less hunger-related deaths and malnutrition related health problems.
  • Do not waste food. There may be a hungry soul lurking in the street outside who will be grateful for even a morsel of food.
  • Whenever you go out, keep a bag of all the biscuits, fruits and cooked food which your family is fed up of eating and give it to the street children and see the light of hope and happiness fill their eyes.
If you take the trouble of feeding even one mouth per day, you will be doing the greatest favour both to yourself and mankind.

Both your conscience and sensibility will rise to greater heights of happiness and satisfaction. When you satisfy someone else's hunger pangs, you reach nearer to God. Keep your hopes high always and never let hunger over-power you or those near you.
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Peter P said...

Great, well written post.

Hunger should not exist in this world. We just have too much food to let it happen!

gautam said...

hunger and hope , wish twain shall always meet ,
ther is an end to hunger and it starts with ahope ,
so many people sleep empty stomach , daily with a hope that tomorrow , sun will shine with loaf of bread ,
sun comes but again , brings hope only ,,,,
ask the person who is hungry for 2 days , what is the idea of bread ,,,,so we should think before wasting any food , which is actually hope for so many hungry stomach