Friday, May 22, 2009

Hilarious Musing - Me & The Common Cold

Hilarious Musing - Me & The Common Cold

I still remember that cold and gloomy winter evening. I was staying home from school for the past few days due to that same nagging problem that caught up with me this time of the year - the brutal, unnerving, irritating and highly distressing common cold! I was fed up of feeling sick and miserable and desperately wanted a change of scene - anything that would help me raise my spirits and fight this demon before it got the better of me.

So I convinced my sister and mother to take me to the market close by. They told me that I was crazy to even think of the same on such a cold and gloomy evening, given my "condition" of sneezing once too often.

In between wiping my nose and clearing my throat, I told them that this is what I needed to do to feel better. They finally gave in to my requests provided that I would pile myself with enough woolens to keep me warm and protected. On reaching the market, my sister remembered that she needed a new pair of sneakers and so we went into this nice shoe shop.

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