Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kerala, A Center for Dental Tourism

Kerala, A Center for Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is an integral part of Medical Tourism. The rising number of quality dental clinics have made Kerala an ideal spot for Dental Tourism. Kerala had already risen as a brand in Medical and Ayurvedic Tourism. You can get quality dental treatment for just 10% of the costs incurred, if done in Australia and Europe.

Dental Tourism registed a 30% growth in Kerala. In 2008 about 5000 dental patients visited Kerala, thereby giving crores of forex to Kerala. The tourists stay in Homestays, in Resorts and Star Hotels. Quality dental clinics have sprung up as more and more dental tourists visit "God’s Own Country". Route canal treatment, dental implant crown, mona treatment and lamination are some of the treatments the tourists go in for.

Dr Raj Krishnan, ceo of Krishnan’s Dental Clinic, says that Kerala is in for a quantum leap, as far as Medical Tourism is concerned. England, Germany, Austria, US and Switzerland are some of the countries the tourists come from. Dental tourists Peter Morgan and Elizabeth Harrison say that you get quality dental treatment for just ten per cent cost in Kerala and that is what had attracted them to this ” Land of Coconuts” ! They are coming for the second time to Kerala.

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