Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Advertising Article On - Creativity In The Advertising Industry

New Advertising Article On - Creativity In The Advertising Industry

What is Creativity? It is not about doing extraordinary things simply, it is about doing simple things extraordinarily. Why is it that a simple toy like Frisbee still captures everyone’s attention? It is not because it’s great; it is because it’s charmingly simple. The same applies to the field of advertising.

You don’t need to be bursting with creativity all the time; you just have to look at things in a new way. Creating something imaginative from scratch is not a job that requires you to have an IQ that would shame Stephen Hawking, it is about exploring the unexplored and exploring requires passion and dedication. I am not saying that you don’t need creativity. What I am trying to put through is that just having a brain is not everything; you need to know how to use it to create something brilliant and not necessarily complex.

Churning up new ideas for advertisements is a job that should be handled with interest and passion. I believe creating is an art and you should treat your work like a canvas, slowly filling in colors to build the bigger picture. If you are not passionate about what you create, you will end up creating something that will take the fun out of the job. Enjoy doing what you do because only then will you truly create something worth remembering.

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