Monday, June 15, 2009

True Inspirational Tales on - Honesty Is The Best Policy

True Inspirational Tales on - Honesty Is The Best Policy

This is a story of a poor but honest man. We had gone to Darjelling during the summer holidays and took up a cottage on rent for our stay. Our cook had gone with us because we could not do without home cooked meals.

Usually all the shopping was done by our house-help who had accompanied us to our holiday destination. But one early evening, my mother decided to do all the vegetable shopping herself. She believed that he did not wait to check out the really fresh items but bought randomly in a hurry and as a result, brought back not so fresh veggies. She got ready, took her favourite purse with quite an amount of money thinking she could go to other shops too after finishing at the vegetable market.

My mother asked our house-help to get a rickshaw for her and on reaching the market, she asked the rickshaw wallah to wait for her. She took a coolie and did her shopping happily, choosing some of the freshest green vegetables available there. At last her shopping completed. She returned to the rickshaw and sat on it while the coolie transferred all the purchases of the day onto the rickshaw.

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