Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Adventure Story On - A Highway Incident

New Adventure Story On - A Highway Incident

It was New Year’s Eve. I took out my motor bike in the middle of the night and started off for the old fortress, a place of many mysteries searching for an inspiration to end the horrible writer’s block that I had run into. It must have been the after effect of the action adventure movie that I had been watching that evening that I chose to indulge myself in this daredevilry instead of quietly snuggling in my bed under a blanket. But one hour into the bumpy ride, that effect had started wearing off. The fortress lay a good thirty kilometers further off, the night was chilly and the road had started deteriorating already.

There appeared a nondescript way side eatery and my remaining resolve took a southward dip. I parked my vehicle, kicked what I imagined as the embodiment of my foolishness in the form of a broken brick with full strength and decided that this was the last of such madness. The eatery was sparsely populated. A few truck drivers lumbering on the rope beds under the open sky indulged in drinking and abusing each other. A family of six had made an unscheduled stop there. They distanced themselves as much as possible from the truckers. I stationed myself inside the thatched space.

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