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New HR Article on - Employee Engagement - Is Your Employee Engaged?

New HR Article on - Employee Engagement - Is Your Employee Engaged?

No we are not talking about the engagement where the employee is to get married. We are taking about the engagement, which determines the psychological commitment of the employees to the assigned task. It means that how well an employee relates himself to his work, how much dedicated the employee is towards his work and so on.

Various researches have been conduced in the past and all of them have one thing in common that if an organization wants to sustain in the long run then its really essential for it to have an engaged workforce. Employees feel engaged when they find personal meaning and motivation in their work, receive positive interpersonal support, and operate in an efficient work environment. All efforts are made on maximizing employee output and making the most of organizational resources. An engaged workforce takes an organization to great heights.

Employee Engagement Begins from Day 1
Research has proved that employee engagement begins from day one. Preparing employees for their new roles and communicating how they can help the firm meets its goals can go a long way toward determining whether new employees ultimately succeed. The main requirement is to focus on improving communication, both to managers who do hiring and to employee's themselves. Thus for this their should be structured inductions.

Organizations seeking ways to build a motivated, satisfied and engaged workforce should start by putting in place structured and well-planned orientation programmes for their new employees.

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