Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Self Development Article - My Way Of Dealing With Problems

Self Development Article - My Way Of Dealing With Problems
Tips on Positive Thinking During Stressful Situations

Once I read an article titled “How Creative dealing with problems helps personal growth, in a journal named Life Positive written by Lt Gen S S Apte, that the “Problems, according to conventional ways of thinking, are obstacles to a goal, but with the help of Creative thinking and changed perception we can convert any problem into a challenge and then, an opportunity.” I was highly inspired by this learning and tried to follow the same in my real life and found that it has always worked positively.

Our daily life is full of challenges all around us, but it is always desired to have a process to deal with these problems.

As per Professor Anurag Gangle described in his article titled, My process for resolving a problem, “Such a process may include grasping the situation and context first. Then certain fundamental principles, policies, options, patience, determination, courage of conviction, making an initial decision and then a final decision to act or to act in phases for solving a problem will have to be taken care of. The process of solving almost every kind of problem is basically similar.” Here I would like to put one of my personal incidences.

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