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New Travelogue On Writers Network - A trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

New Travelogue On Writers Network - A Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

An Introduction: The Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Gatlinburg, TN is 226 miles from Nashville, TN. The Smoky mountain range is a part of the Great Appalachian Trail and is known for her serene beauty and pristine view. The Great Smoky Mountains are among the oldest mountains ranges in the world. Established as a national park in 1934, the smokies are today one of the greatest attractions in the eastern United states, providing countless opportunities of fun and frolic including camping, rafting, hiking and enjoying the wilderness. The Smokies boast of nestling a great diversity of biological species in her wilderness. Trees and forest containing mainly Fir, Maple, Silk-tree, Alder and many more create a beauteous environment by jostling together like brethrens. Some 100 species of native trees live in the Smokies, more than in any other North American national park. Over 96 percent of the park is forested and is home to animals like bears, deer and elk. It is said that more than 200 species of birds and 1,600 flowering plant species dwell in the Smokies.

Our Second Trip: We started of early last Saturday, it was our second trip to the Smokies, but we were all enthusiastic. Our group included Indra (my husband), Ted (Indra's labmate), and me. The usual four hour drive was exciting, as glimpses of pretty fall colors lined the highways. Tennessee River’s West Fork and surrounded by the National Park on her three sides, Gatlinburg has evolved from a rural hamlet to a thriving community. It is now a place of great attraction for tourists, with shops and restaurants and amusement parks lining the arcade. Attractions and activities include a wondrous flight on the aerial tramway to go karts, museums, Ripley’s believe it or not wax museum to eating in some of the finest seafood and steak restaurants.

A Trip To The Great Smoky Mountains Continued

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