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New Romantic Short Story, Contentwriter.in - One Rainy Day

New Romantic Short Story, Contentwriter.in - One Rainy Day

It was raining heavily outside. Reva could hear the rain lashing on her roof. She had closed all the doors and windows of her house. She felt depressed when it rained and wished it would stop raining. The rains always brought back old memories. Memories, she would rather not think about. But, the rains continued in full fury and Reva was transferred back into those times when she was just 18.

It all happened 10 years earlier when she was 18. Reva was studying for her degree in Arts and she simply enjoyed going to college. Attending lectures, roaming around the college campus during free lectures and eating samosas coupled with hot masala tea was her regular routine. Her parents were both working and she was their only daughter. Life was easy for Reva. She was doted upon by her parents and was loved by all her relatives. Yet, Reva felt something missing. She was not sure what was lacking, but a feeling of incompletion always surrounded her. She was not even sure what the feeling was or what she was seeking. It was only on that rainy day that she found out.

It was raining heavily and her class had a free hour. Reva loved the rains unlike her friends who disliked the murky weather it brought about. Reva and her friends rushed to the canteen for steaming hot cups of tea. They settled down at the corner seat in the canteen.

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