Friday, September 25, 2009

New Travel Article : Verona, The City of Love

New Travel Article : Verona, The City of Love

Verona is not as famous as the other Italian towns like Rome, Pisa, Florence or Venice. But this town treasures the most famous love story in history: Love Story of Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare has immortalized the town of Verona in his famous novel featuring the love tragedy of lovers Romeo Montecchi e Giulietta Capuleti perhaps, better known worldwide simply as ''Romeo and Juliet''.

While in Verona you will be surprise to see that Casa de Giulietta, or Juliet's house is an actual house, with an actual balcony, just like you imagined while reading the play. The background is perfect with ivy growing off of the neighboring walls, and the balcony is the perfect height for any Romeo to try and romance a Juliet. Romeo's house is only a short walk down the road, but it's not as impressive as Juliet’s.

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