Tuesday, September 29, 2009

True Experience about the Pleasures & Joy Derived from Giving

True Experience about the Pleasures & Joy Derived from Giving - Guest Post

This post is in support of the Joy of Giving Week 27 Sept - 3 Oct, 09

It has been rightly said that the joy in giving is more than in receiving.

I am a home-maker living in Delhi. Like most others, I have a part-time house help. Last year on Diwali morning, she came to me in tears. Her mother who lived in the village had expired. She was devastated with grief and was also very worried as she had to leave for her village that very day. "I have asked my friend to do your work aunty till I return. I only hope she gives you no trouble". I assured her that I would manage without her help, gave her her salary and some extra money and saw her off.

She came back after a fortnight and on the first day of her return, I gave her a new blanket complete with its cover and packing for Diwali. She was quite astonished and said - "Aunty, thank you so much. I didn't do your work for Diwali and inspite of that, you have given me such a wonderful gift. I have six kids and this blanket will be very useful in the coming winter months because it is big enough to cover three of my children together."

I felt very happy just to know that a simple gift on my part was going to play an important role in her life. I still remember her tearful tremulous smile.

It filled my heart with the feeling of God's presence inside me and made me realise once again, the true happiness and joy that is derived from selfless giving.

Guest Post by Amita Sinha

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