Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tuition Blues - New Guest Post

Tuition Blues

"We should send him for tuition. He is not doing well in his studies." said my better half. "What on earth for. He got 195 out of 200 in his exams and he is still in KG" I protested. “You will not understand. There were at least 10 students who got the maximum and he can't afford to lag behind." said she. "I never went for tuitions but still did well" I replied. "That’s why you are where you are" was her prompt retort. "In fact we should also send him for dance and singing classes." she intoned. “I think he can wait.'

I retorted. “Well, how do you expect him to go to RS then" said she. “Do you really mean he would reach such heights that the President would be kind enough to nominate him" I asked. “You are dumb, I didn't mean Rajya Sabha, I meant Reality Shows like Nach Baliye Part XX and Indian Idol Part XX. And even we can be a part of it as audience. We would be at least on prime time TV." she pleaded. The TV part made me think. Who would resist the temptation to make an appearance on prime time? The doubts, however, persisted.

"Why not instead send him to RCA. I heard they have hired Greg Chappell" I tried to divert her from the topic “He will not make a good cricketer" said she. "What makes you think so" I wondered aloud. "He doesn't know sledging and if were not to go his dance classes, he would not be able to dance on the field like Sreesanth. Moreover, I do not want pretty damsels to run around him and later pretend as if they don’t know him. He would be heartbroken" she reasoned.

“Why not make him a good human being. There must be some classes where they do so" I wanted to know. “You must be kidding. Do you want him to be like Manmohan Singh, trapped from all sides and not knowing which way to go" she blurted. Maybe she was right.

Guest Post by Deepa Sinha - I am a fun loving person who writes just for pleasure.

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