Sunday, October 11, 2009

Essential Tips to keep in mind while attending an Official Diwali Party

Essential Tips to keep in mind while attending an Official Diwali Party

It’s that time of the year again. Your boss has invited the entire office for a pre-Diwali party and you’re unsure about how to truly enjoy yourself without making any behavioral mistakes you would end up regretting later on.

If you want to make sure that your boss is impressed by your socially acceptable good behaviour here are some simple yet effective tips that you should consider –

Dress Appropriately for the Occasion: Try to find a middle ground when picking an outfit for an official Diwali party – something that is semi-formal and makes you look smart. Refrain from overdoing it.

Mingle With the Guests: Greet all your colleagues from within your department as well as those from other departments as well. It is always recommended to be sociable without being loud and obnoxious. Oh and don’t forget to have a light hearted conversation with your boss as well.

Avoid Alcohol: Avoiding alcoholic drinks in an office party is very much recommended especially if you have a tendency to over indulge. Instead, opt for soft drinks, juices and  mocktails.

Refrain from discussing Work / Office Politics: Everyone wants to have a fun and relaxing evening and you shouldn’t be a spoil sport. Refrain from gossiping, back biting, and discussing work.

An office party can be a fun occasion to see the  lighter side of your colleagues and seniors at work. So let your hair down without saying or doing anything you would regret the next morning.

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